Springs by your requirements

Customised manufacture of steel, wire springs and associated products.

Quality springs since 1958

Got Springs Sweden AB is a company established 1958 in Gothenburg. Over the years we have expanded into one of Sweden’s most modern spring factories. We have customers in several industries, due that springs are used in most technical equipments, such as: valves, gaming machines, slot machines, automotives, industries, rollators, sanitation and medical equipment.

Quality assured production

Got Springs Sweden AB manufactures quality steel springs to your specifications and requirements. We also offer personal and professional advice. That is why you can rest assured that you will always receive highest quality and durable products. 

Got Springs are certified by ISO 9001:2008 standard. Feel free to download our certificate here below:

Got Springs Sweden AB ISO 9001 certificate

Personal Service and advice

Since 1958 we have built up a unique knowledge and expertise in the manufacturing of springs and related products. This we want to share with you as our customer.

Experience the difference!

We do not just want you to notice the difference, but also what separates a spring from a spring. There are several parameters that determine if it is good or not.

Our springs, clips, wire forms etc.

Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs

Springs for turning and twisting loads. The load is always moving in coil direction (witch means that the inside diameter decreases). Coiling direction can be produced clockwise or anti clockwise. The legs can be produced straight or bend, on request.

Compression Springs

Compression Springs

The most common spring. The form can be cylindrical, conical, concave or convex.Can be delivered with grinded or non  grinded ends.

Tension Springs

Extension Springs

Extensions springs can be produced in many different shapes. The biggest difference you find in the ends of the spring . Design, length and other demands for the ends, you can write down in your order. Also called as tension spring.

Tool Springs

Die Springs

Die springs are more heavy duty springs to hold under tough pressure.
Also called tool springs.

Leaf Springs

Flat Springs

Flat springs is layer och layer springs. 



Custom made clips for different purposes.

Wire details

Wire forms

Wire forms are used in varied environments.

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